Blessed Law Firm is a Rwandan Law Firm Specializing in Intellectual Property Law and business incorporation. This Firm has been established five years ago from 2010.

    The Blessed Law Lirm in Rwanda offers high quality services to its clients by focusing on:

    • Patent Application, Patent Assignment and Patent renewal
    • Industrial Design, and Renewal
    • Trade Mark searches, Trade Mark filing, Trade Mark prosecution, Changes of ownership and assignments recordals, Trade Mark registration, Trade Mark renewals, and transactional and IP litigation practice

    • Copyright (Books, CD or DVD)
    • Registration of local and foreign companies and amendment


    Our job is to protect your intellectual property rights. We have a thriving intellectual property department that negotiates property rights agreements, handles trademark and patent application procedures, declarations of use and renewal. We handle protection of these trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights and layout designs.

    We have also successfully enforced intellectual property rights in matters involving trademark violations, licensing and exploitation in Rwanda and we successfully handled the first unfair competition and predatory pricing action in Rwanda.


    The vision of the Firm is to be among the best specialist in Intellectual Property and Business incorporation Law Firms in the Region by offering high quality services to its clients in protection of:

    • Patents
    • Designs
    • Trade Marks
    • Copyright
    • Registration of local and foreign companies …….