It is a sole right given to an inventor to make, use, or sell his/her invention for a limited period in exclusion of unauthorized competitors.


Blessed Law Firm conducts and reports on patentability searches for inventions in all fields by means of our international on-line databases, our in-house electronic and hard-copy databases and the databases at various international patent offices, as well as the Rwandan patent office.

We also assist clients with infringement searches to determine the countries or territories in which an invention may be freely commercialised or utilised without fear of infringement.


  • Filing of the form
  • Application letter to Registrar General
  • A Description of the invention
  • The abstract of the invention with their claims
  • Power of attorney (when application is done by an agent "delegation" for foreign company not registered in Rwanda)
  • A copy of the company registration certificate(if necessary)
  • ID or Passport of the representative of the company
  • Payment of Registration fees


In Blessed Law Firm, We help our clients to do patent applications and also to do payment of renewal fees.


In the event that rights are transferred, Blessed Law Firm can provide assignment documents, assist with transactions involving assignments in Rwanda.