• About Blessed Law Firm

    Blessed Law Firm is a Rwandan Law Firm Specializing in Intellectual Property Law and business incorporation. This Firm has been established five years ago from 2010. The Blessed Law Lirm in Rwanda offers high quality services to its clients by focusing on:

    • Patent Application, Patent Assignment and Patent renewal
    • Industrial Design, and Renewal
    • Trade Mark searches, Trade Mark filing, Trade Mark prosecution, Changes of ownership and assignments recordals, Trade Mark registration, Trade Mark renewals, and transactional and IP litigation practice

    • Copyright (Books, CD or DVD)
    • Registration of local and foreign companies and amendment


It is a sole right given to an inventor to make, use, or sell his/her invention for a limited period in exclusion of unauthorized competitors.

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It is the ornamental aesthetic aspect of a useful article, e.g. paper staples. Industrial designs are what make an article attractive and appealing; hence, they add to the commercial value of a product and increase its marketability.

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Is a legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their literary and artistic works. The domain of copyright is the protection of literary and artistic works. These include writings, music, and works of the fine arts, such as paintings and sculptures, films, maps, technical drawings and technology-based works such as computer programs and electronic databases.

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